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Brandon & Jamelle began their careers by touring alongside artists such as Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, & Gretchen Wilson. They eventually stepped down as band members and stepped into the role of artists, which they were clearly born to do. 

Their first project, a 6 song EP produced by Mark Bright, debuted on iTunes at #13. Currently the vocal powerhouse duo are releasing new tracks from their full length album which they co-produced with artist & good friend, Hunter Hayes. You'll also find 2SR credited on all 12 tracks as songwriters.


Their music is available on all digital platforms and the duo has racked up over 20 millions streams. Their YouTube channel has an engaging collection of 50+ videos, including a unique 3-part House Tour they created during 2020. Be sure to follow 2SR on their socials for all the latest updates on new music and upcoming shows. 

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